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The Paradoxica Institute is the sangha vehicle based on the spiritual vision of enlightened non-dual Master Gary Tzu. While in the Buddha’s time, the sangha circle around the Buddha seemed appropriate, we need new energetic containers to host the teachings, transmission, and wisdom of the buddha and beyond spiritual vision of Gary Tzu. Wheels and circles were good metaphors for containers of both separate self existence and enlightened energy 2500 years ago, but now we live in different times when those metaphors no longer seem appropriate.

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"There is no longer any special status to claim, and all of life is embraced in a friendly way. We are not the special one, just a friendly being in existence, living in the vast suchness ofexistence, open and vulnerable to life. But now we are free to bring our joy and passion into the world."

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Paradoxica Institute

We call the institute Paradoxica, as we never resolve the dilemmas, of good vs. evil,light, and darkness, life and death, self as individual or in relationship. It is always at play and never realizes a final resting point. This means we always need to leave our doubting minds behind so we can rest in the eternal vastness of this moment, no mind.
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A reader cannot express your writing in the word’s as it is a unique feeling when I read your “Awakening in the Paradox of Darkness” Your articles and books have no match.
Jerry Katz
In just two words I will say; “Very Impressive” writing. Gary Tzu literally your words touched my heart. Keep on writing your articles as they really motivate the soo many individuals.
I have noted that no one is perfect but in your case, this thing not implements on your writing as it is so perfect that it can touch anyone’s soul. Thank You soo much !!

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