About Gary Tzu

The mission of Gary’s Paradoxica Institute is to facilitate non-dual awakening and enlightenment from a contemporary east-west non-dual contemplative wisdom tradition perspective that recognizes the challenges of embodied existence in a changing and challenging world.


Dr. Gary Tzu

Non-Dual Worlds Overruling Law Dharma

Gary was accepted into law school when he was 19 years old and was appearing as a summer articling student in court at 21. By his last year of law school, Gary was in a deep profound and gaping existential crisis. He did not know what his life was all about. He had only gotten into law to please his father who was a doctor. It turned out, Gary actually hated the practice of law ad by his third year of law school, he spent all of his tie reading and meditating and going for long runs. He was first introduced to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in 1980, and he was rocked by his discourses on Buddha and Zen, as well as Lao Tzu and Bodhidharma. for the first tie in his life, Gary was stopped inches tracks. 

He now knew that life was all about realizing full spiritual enlightenment Juan the Budha had and Bhagwan had realized in this lifetime. He became an Osho disciple in 1981, receiving the name, Nirdosha, which meant divine innocence. He also spent time reading J. Krishnamurti, Trungpa, Thoreau, and Ken Wilber and Maslow’s founders of the transpersonal psychology movement in the west.

Gary knew he had to go to graduate school in psychology, so he took some undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology and then he completed his Masters and Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology with an emphasis on the growing Transpersonal Psychology movement. He managed to complete both his masters and doctorate in just over 5 years with extensive East-West phenomenological research on the modern-day enlightenment process. After grad school, Gary spent 5 years as a psychologist working I addictions, mental health, EAP and prison systems. After 5 years, Gary rejoined academia as a professor in addictions counseling and for 20 years heavily focused on the emerging area of non-dual psychology. 

He started a non-dual and journal called Paradoxica and wrote numerous articles on non-dual pathology as well as doing research on non-dual awakening including interviewing 80 non-dual teachers and students from proud the world which produced 5 non-dual research articles in peer-reviewed academic journals. H was told by his dean in 2016 that he would not receive a promotion to full professor as the dean did not like his 2nd book in particular, Awakening in the Paradox of Darkness, this was a much more profound non-dual book then his first one Beyond Addiction to Awakening as in his first book he laid out many developmental levels necessary for healing from addictions before introducing awakening just at the end of the book. In his second book, Gary picked up where he had left off in his first book, at the possibility of an awakening place at the end of the line. In his second book, he started at the end in true nondual fashion. Gary had experienced awakening at the end of seeking in which it is seen, there is nothing to do, and nowhere to go, and nobody there to do it. Out of eternal darkness exploded the radiant white light of eternity.