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Loves and gives freedom, totally committed to loving existence and fellow beings, willing to ride out existence to the midnight sun, loves to soar, does not care who is the ultimate one. Love is kind, love is wild, can transform into what is required, to save a friend. A hurricane, lightning flashing, black velvet, loves to ride out to the edge of the unknown. Gets called out into classic fight between good and evil, does not back down, will never give up, can be a killer if need be. Always comes back to the eternal white light of love, which radiates to infinity. Rests even more deeply than that, in the edge of the unknown, beyond death, surrendered to non-existence itself and is in awe of the magical translucent royal energy of an eternal kingdom. Ready for the quantum leap into the next incarnation as willing to hang on forever but can not help beings who have fallen through the curtain of evil, leave that for. Leave that for somebody else. Love is humble, like a cosmic bum, resting on the bottom of the ocean, available to all. Accepts imperfection and the raggedness of embodiment, love vulnerably and trembly at times carries on.

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