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Live Online Meeting With Gary Tzu

If you are out of the country or you are sitting at any other corner of the world but you need Gary Tzu’s counseling then you can meet Gary Tzu Online. By attending Live Online Meeting With Gary Tzu you can ask questions and you can tell your issues to Gary Tzu and for sure he will heal your all dilemma’s by his words.

  • Garu Tzu Support will help you in coming out of anxiety.
  • If in case you are busy and you missed the meeting then you can watch it later by viewing the meeting’s recording.
  • Live Meeting Date and Time will happen decided by Gary Tzu.
  • Our Upcoming Events.
  • If you want to enlighten your mind and soul then once attend the Gary Tzu meeting.

Membership is $19 per month

Video Library Membership

Access the Video Library of Gary Tzu for viewing all episodes and sessions of Paradoxica and many more. You can watch videos on your mobile phone, computer, laptop, etc.

  • Full length latest videos and recordings.
  • Full-length old audio and video.
  • Watch all sessions of Gary Tzu
  • Access Gary Tzu whole Gallery
  • Get Regular updates on sessions

Membership is $15 per month

Mingled (Combined) Membership - Attend Live Online Meetings and Watch Video Library

This package includes Live Online Meetings and Video Library. So, by availing this package you can enjoy both the things at an affordable rate.

Membership is $29 per month

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