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Non-Dual Worlds Overruling Law Dharma

Integrate east-west non-dual worlds overriding law dharma, tao vs natural law, spirit, consciousness no mind- Zen vs. Jesus, western christian mystics only love Sufis, Kabir, vs Christ Mother Mary. St.Francis vast majestic being Christ vs.Shiva overall Buddha vs.Jesus decline of civilization after Buddha vs. America now supermind Aurobindo vs. Wilber Tantra Enlightenment vast cosmos oriented cosmic orgasm empty sky vs. the glorification of body, sex with the other Inner poverty Heart Sutra emptiness vs. New Testament mee Innocence Maharshi Vs. St. Francis Regression dark seeds vs. unconsciousness Past lives Buddha vs. Dr Brian Weiss Physical yoga vs. long distance running both effortless superconscious Mind Aurobindo vs. Wilber superhero Krishna vs Zarathustra highest value enlightenment vs freedom vast glorious beings Shiva vs Jesus healers Rikki vs. Jesus Master of Masters Buddha Lao Tzu. vs christ fallen Adi Da vs. Lucifer community Ten Bulls of Zen. vs. many Christian examples eternal heart emptiness of heart Budda. vsJesus Mother no knowing Zen Bodhidharma vs. St. Francis.

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