Planned Giving

Planned Giving

Leave a Legacy of Peace

What would it mean to you to have Gary Tzu’s invitation and support accessible for later generations? We have the fortunate chance to provide information on what we love and admire, in that faith our own personal experience. In the preceding years, millions of peoples learned through Gary Tzu’s Foundation. Gary Tzu said “There is no longer any special status to claim, and all of life is embraced in a friendly way. We are not the special one, just a friendly being in existence, living in the vast suchness of existence, open and vulnerable to life. But now we are free to bring our joy and passion into the world.” which means that we are free to live our lives in our own way. We believe to scatter our presence in the world to leave a footmark in the future generation soul. With our new online mediums and technologies, our grandchildren can access Gary Tzu’s archives and have the same chance we have had in meeting with Gary. Let share the grace of our lives.

Where to Start

As with any financial planning, it is wise to consult with professionals you trust. Read about our plans and opportunities from below. If you would like to know more about Gary Tzu’s Foundation, or just like to tell us your experience with Gary Tzu Foundation then drop an email or contact us by phone.

If you like to include the Gary Tzu Foundation in your will or living trust then do use our full legal name, The Gary Foundation. You and your lawyer may find the following information helpful:

“I give to the Garyu Tzu Foundation, an Oregon non-profit corporation with offices in Canada, (the sum of ____________) (all or _______ percent of my residual estate) to be used for general purposes.”

You can name the Gary Tzu Foundation as a recipient of your IRA, retirement plan, bank or brokerage account, life insurance policy. To change recipient form contact with your plan or policy administrator. For below check the bank or brokerage accounts details:

Legal Name: The Paradoxica Institute

Address: Paradoxica Institute 1424 Cedar St Nelson, BC V1L 2E9, Canada

Telephone: 1-800-817-042, 1-800-817-0420

  • One must be 70 ½ or older.
  • One can transfer up to $100,000 per year. Married people can each use their own accounts.
  • A gift will count toward your required minimum distribution, if not yet taken.
  • A gift will not be taxed for federal tax purposes.
  • One cannot claim an income tax charitable deduction.
  • Your IRA manager should send your gift directly to

Paradoxica Institute 1424 Cedar St Nelson, BC V1L 2E9, Canada