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The Three Phases of My Enlightenment

Typically enlightenment is described as Sat-chi-ananda, Truth, Consciousness, Bliss. However my process was quite different. My experience of full enlightenment and flowering of consciousness can be described by the ancient flowering of consciousness term Satyam, Shivam, Sundrum.
  1.  Satyam means truth, and that means realizing enlightenment, no self, no other, just the vastness of existence. The way of the buddha and other examples of non-dual enlightenment such as Advaita, Zen, Sufism, christ consciousness. The key is no separate self, just the vastness of existence.
  2. Shivam means virtue, all that is good, the mystic in action. In my life, this has been an alignment with Krishna energy, and active infinity, the classic fight between good and evil in which freedom of the individual is seen as the top value over even love, and all is embraced, even war if need be.
  3. Sundram means beauty. And here I am embracing the beauty of existence through the royal beauty of rock music which I have shared with so many friends, and now have time to actually form a cover tunes rock band The Cosmic Bums to celebrate the great psychedelic music of the last 50 years that points to the beauty of existence. I absolutely enjoy this aspect of enlightenment, the bedazzling beauty and awesomeness. 

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