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Zen and the ten Bulls

The Maharsi types unfortunately do not take their enlightenment back to the community and the wine store and celebration like what is taught in the famous ten oxherding pictures of Zen. We need a non-dual perspective that celebrates existence and remember roy Dopson and all you Maharshi types this perspective is only 8 out of the ten pictures. As I have said in my posts over the last month, we need a Krishna reworking of non-dual in which we are willing to fight for this beautiful existence. The war is on and we have to win. I am doing my part I am trying to take Trump down and they can’t prove a fucking thing as I am 3000 miles away he is going down in all his narcissistic pathological no-soulness. Thats right folks he does not have a soul. He is like one of those old poltergeist movies in which the ghost is only big because of our projections, there is no soul there, stop feeding him energy and stop looking at him. You will find that in a few days you’ll see he is actually like a ghost. Don’t give him any energy.

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